Building materials Industry

Our product serves to all kinds of building materials,including metope paint,lacquer paint, stone paint, hard-wearing terrace material, waterproof paint, refractory materials, powder coating and so on; dry mortar, insulation mortar, anti-crack mortar, self-leveling mortar, special mortar etc; thickening agents, adhesives, tile adhesives, caulking agents, construction admixture, diatomite products; dulles ceramics material, artificial marble, emulational tile, glazed material, etc.; foamed cement, building precast slab, green bricks, modified plasters etc. ; additives such as cellulose ether, latex powder, polyvinyl alcohol, anti-cracking agent, methyl cellulose, enhance fiber, water reducing agent, retarder, defoamer, quick-setting agent, thixotropic agent, super plasticizer, curing agent and curing agent etc. ;special cement, gypsum, lime, artificial sand and natural sand, slag, sand, ultrafine powder, fly ash, perlite, recycling aggregate etc.

By under on May 22, 2017